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Vinas De Balbo Bornada Malbec


We are a rooted to the wine industry with over 70 years of experience Family. Today the third generation leads the destiny of this dream that began in 1939 with Octavio Rufino Falasco and then continued with his son Haroldo Santos Falasco. Today Jorge Daniel Falasco, which his father inherited the determination and desire for constant pursuit of excellence, with his family continue the tradition of making and selling fine wines, honoring the principles that gave birth to the dream of his grandfather: being a family business with a solid project in time, keeping the youth, dynamism and intelligence to adapt to market changes.The family has two wineries that are located in the North Valley, Mendoza. Thanks to the work, effort and a strong tradition, today the company remains family dedicated to the progress and development of high quality wines which highlights technology, tradition and passion for what we do.Jorge Falasco calls “Los Haroldos" winery in honor of his father and brother. Our angel identifies family members who no longer have the joy of having among us.
The ongoing effort to make progress, team work, innovation, investment in technology and the constant quest to achieve the maximum expression of wines that identify the virtues of our terroir, have succeeded Family Falasco to be recognized for providing the wine market excellent quality, personality, character and style.Balbo winery is a traditional company with more than 30 years in the market, has 4.500 hectares, 450 own and other associated producers, has a production capacity of 60 million liters of wine. In commercial terms in Argentina, this is the winery ranked in 4th place with higher sales volume of fine wine.Currently the winery has achieved a solid and recognized leadership position in Argentina, giving our customers an excellent price-quality wine using the latest technology, seeking excellence of our processes and constant innovation.We are a family that is deeply rooted in the winemaking industry with over 70 years´ experience.The use of grapes from wines grown on different soil, climates and regions in Mendoza, where winters are chilly, summers are dry and warm, nights are cool, soil are rich and melt water from the Andes is used for irrigating them, allows us to obtain a high quality product both in young wines and wines with aging potential.
Grapes:Bonarda & Malbec 

Taste:Fruity and floral. Reminiscent of strawberry, cherry and raspberry. A young, fresh wine. Easy to drink on an everyday basis. A perfect match for well-structured dishes such as casserole, braise, spiced meat and pasta


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